An exciting  task management software for the everyday creatives.

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Project overviewDesqk is a sexy new tool for freelancers, agencies, creators and doers to get things done effectively. We were approached by Desqk to position the brand and design their desktop and mobile product with a more enticing and exciting approach than its competitors.

I worked alongside the Creative Director during my time at Anday.

The Challenge

Designing a product that stands out to creatives


Designing a product that stands out to creatives

“The people that use Desqk are the ones that cut our own paths through the bizarre jungle that is work life in the twenty-twenties.

We’re the ones that jump in vans and sprint across the country while managing whatever it is that brings home the bacon (or plant based protein alternative).”

Desqk – Sit where you want.

Brand Messaging

The space Desqk owns in the mind of a user

“We’re the entrepreneurs, influencers, bloggers, tattoo artists, musicians, managers, industrious creatives of the twenty-twenties that said no to the way things are and decided the way that they would be. We’re the people that care about the planet and the people on that planet, and are trying our best to give back.

We are a light at the end of a corporate 9-5 tunnel. We are a helping hand in escaping the doldrum of that late-stage capitalism life. We are fundamentally un-boring, and we’re all over the globe.”

Desqk – Sit where you want.

User Experience

Many user types, one common goal

We thought through and designed wireframes for all three of Desqk’s user types; Creatives, Businesses and Desqk Administrators.

If I were to only share one thing I've learned

Product strategy and design go hand and hand. Without strategy in place, it's difficult to know where we're heading. It's almost like throwing spaghetti at the wall, hoping that one would stick.