Rupi Kaur Inc.

A website and branding that reflects an international artistic icon.

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Web Design

Project overviewAnticipating the announcement of a partnership with Kotn, as well as the publication of her long awaited third book, Home Body, the Rupi team approached us to help prepare for her newest book launch and much more.

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Outcome overview

465% increase in total sales (YoY).

7% increase in conversion (YoY).

82% improvement in site loading time.

The Challenge

Creating a 21st-century site for a 21st-century artist

Rupi’s previous site had been designed prior to her international acclaim, and was therefore out of date. We needed to build a website that not only expressed Rupi’s personal brand, but one that sold books and apparel as well.


Finding balance between artistry and functionality

Rupi’s personal style is one of earthy tones, minimalism and emotional connection. We needed to build a website that sold products without sacrificing these traits inherent to her brand.


Stylescaping to find Inspiration

A large part of the engagement was spent understanding what visual language we would use to communicate Rupi’s brand to her fans. We went through multiple series of Stylescapes, using inspiration from other websites and designers we admire in order to identify the right direction for Rupi.


Playing with delicate elements

One of the main challenges we faced was finding a unique aesthetic element that matched Rupi’s brand, work, and illustrations, while not being entirely based upon them.

We explored various options before settling on a series of abstract watercolor dashes that imbued the site with colour and creativity.


Finding the right accent


A solid foundation for a delicate website

Along with the challenge of creating a website that visually captured Rupi’s artistic essence, we needed to build one that was scalable and functional as well. This scalability is inherently important to a site like this because Rupi will constantly be growing as an artist and entrepreneur, adding new products and features throughout her career.

Custom Integrations

All in the words

The way that the books are actually made is largely important to Rupi, so she asked us to build a custom Behind the Scenes element of the site where users could interact with the book and learn more about the materials and processes in which it was put together.

Shopify + Wordpress

A seamless shopping experience for users

We integrated the backend of Rupi’s affiliate Shopify site, Aspeth, into the front end of her new website so that the user’s would have a seamless shopping experience.

If I were to only share one thing I've learned

Complex doesn't always mean bad and it's not always equivalent to something that is complicated and confusing. But it's important to create a coherent experience that takes into consideration not only the different use cases but also a user's prior knowledge.